Setting the Screen Saver to a static image

On our Windows systems we have a static image as our screen saver and I wanted to match that on our Macs.  There are several options in the Screen Saver settings of System Preferences.  I needed to figure out how to set a default across all our Macs with a script.Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 1.55.51 PM.png

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macOS Sierra Recovery HD Changes

[Update 7/20/17] As of 10.12.6 RepairHomePermissions still fails with error: Unable to launch the underlying task process.  Also my bug report has been marked as a  DUPLICATE OF 25393689.

[Update 1/26/17] As of 10.12.3 RepairHomePermissions still fails with error: Unable to launch the underlying task process.

One of the areas that hasn’t gotten much coverage with the update to Sierra is the Recovery HD. This is the minimal OS environment that lets us do things like reinstall the OS, restore a Time Machine backup, and partition volumes before an install.
The other thing that Recovery allows us to do is to reset forgotten passwords. Originally, we could do this by booting off the install CD/DVD. Once those went away Recovery HD gave us a Reset Password option in the Utilities menu. That went away in Yosemite(?) but we could get the same functionality by choosing Utilities -> Terminal and running the resetpassword command.
This reset password utility would also allow us to reset a users home folder permissions, including the default ACLs.
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