Unhide /Users in 10.9.3

[Further Edit] The below was fixed by Apple.  This is no longer necessary, but I’ll leave it here incase the ideas help someone. [/Further Edit]

[Edit] So the below doesn’t actually work. Something changes the permissions and hidden flag after my launch daemon runs. I added a check of the files (just ls > to a file) and they get set correctly but by the time I am logged in something has changed it back. [/edit]

The recent 10.9.3 update has made a strange change for a number of OS X users.  The directory that holds everyone’s home folder, /Users, has been hidden along with the /Users/Shared folder. Continue reading


Get the path of file onto the clipboard

I find myself needing the path to a file relatively frequently to add to an email or documentation.  I added a service to the Finder contextual menu to get the path to the selected item.  This service notifies me with an alert (just for fun) and can be invoked with a keyboard shortcut.  This was done in Mavericks (10.9).  Most of it should work in 10.8 or 10.7 (except the notification). Continue reading