Change the FileVault login background in Mojave

There are sites on the internet about changing the Mojave login window background, but nothing I found for when FileVault is enabled.  I think I found a solution.

For the login window, the “trick” is to swap out /Library/Desktop Pictures/Mojave.heic with your image.  It must be the same name and format.  Preview on Mojave can help with converting your image to .heic format.

Then to get FileVault to use it, we update the preboot environment/partition with

diskutil apfs updatePreboot /

Restart and you should see your custom background. Apple may very well “fix” this with a/every software update and set it back, but if you really want to brand that screen it is possible for now.


2 thoughts on “Change the FileVault login background in Mojave

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  2. Dunno why nobody comments on this. Thx a lot!

    Everbody “talks” about this problem, but it seems nearly nobody in the “mac universe” understands what the problem is with activated fileVault and changing the initial login Screen by changing the default mojave picture with a personal one.
    It works after unlocking fileVault, but not before.

    Updating the preboot routine helped! Thx a lot again!

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